Alumni News

Largest Single Allocation to Team in Alumni History!

This month the University of Minnesota Men's Rugby Alumni Association Board of Executives approved $ 7,000 to be allocated to the team to be put towards various expenses.

The UMN Rugby Team officers sat down with the Alumni Board to discuss how the organization can best contribute it's available funds. The team presented their predicted budget for the 2018-2019 as well as requested items that would require additional funding. After discussion the Alumni Board moved to allocate,

$3,000 for two sets of practice jerseys and 30 practice balls

$3,000 for busing subsidies for the 2018-2019 season

$1,000 for a camera and elevated camera stand to be used for game film

For a total of $7,000. The goal of which is to maintain a professional environment during practice, reduce dues by addressing the largest team expense (travel), and provide consistent game film for analysis.

This marks the largest single allocation of funds to the team in alumni history so please help us continue to give back to the program by joining the monthly Excellence Fund at