Pre-Game Tradition

Photo by Max Haynes

Photo by Max Haynes

Prior to every match, Minnesota's starting 23 players gather underneath their goal posts and are led in unique fight song which was brought to the University of Minnesota from South Africa by alumnus Sheldon Norton: 

"Sana Madoda
   Seza Seza
Sana Madoda
   Seza Wo

Sung in a call-and-repeat pattern, it roughly translates to: 

"Come on men!
     We are coming!
Come on men!
     We are coming
Do you accept the calling?
     We accept the calling!"

For much of the 1970's, 80's and 90's, a very different tradition was held. Before each match kicked off, players would lead one another in the very Minnesotan "Lutefisk Song:" 

Lutefisk, Lutefisk
Lefsa Lefsa
We're from Minnesota
Yeah sure
You betchya!