Old Gold Attend Aspen Ruggerfest Tournament

This piece was written by Tom White, who worked with Tom Matkovits to organize this event

Good friends and good rugby always make for a great weekend.  The 49th Annual Ruggerfest, held the second week-end in September in Aspen, was no exception.   To add to the fun, a group of mid-eighties Rugby alums decided to enter as a team in the over-50 bracket.   

Although the level of competition was several large steps beyond an old boys’ game – with two teams that recruit nationally and a Boulder team consisting of mostly 40 year olds also taking part in the over-50 bracket – the Minnesota Old Gold had their work cut out for them.  Going 1-3, with their sole victory coming the old-fashioned way – via forfeit – the alums enjoyed their chance to play high level rugby with their college teammates one more time. 

Playing for the team were Rob Mickelson, Tom White, Dan Dougherty, Kully Hauser, Bob Cote, Gregg Zike, Johnny Awe, Rich Meaux, John Glanton, Tod Storm, Dan Zimmer, Tom Foley, Derek Gordon and Pete Bronsted. 

Wisely sitting out and cheering from the sideline were Jim Anderson, Mike Biwer, Dan Holehouse, Johnny Langmack, Bradd Olson, Bob Rykken and Tom Matkovits. 

It’s hard to pick one or two players from among the crew for special recognition as everyone played so well, considering their advanced age and many infirmities.  Let’s just say that Cote, Awe and Meaux brought their usual grittiness.  Hauser and Tone were shockingly good.  Zike, Mickelson and Dougherty were tough when it mattered. Stormy, Zimmer, Foley, Gordon and Bronsted ran like the wind, and Tom White had a great time.  

The best part of the week-end was seeing old friends and hanging out with teammates that hadn’t been together for 30 or more years.  Aspen is a fantastic tournament, and none of this group had ever been to this event.  We highly recommend it, and are planning on returning next year if anyone is interested in joining us.